Friday, March 15, 2013

Books and bedtime

I was a naughty mother, not a fan of reading aloud.
Recently I sang my little heart out.

The last two weeks, the boys have been obsessed with books.  Ryan has memorised some of the books and can "read" them himself.

They laugh at the jokes.  Make up side story lines.

So at bed time, we are reading about 4 books, two songs (the favourite being Humpty Dumpty), kisses goodnight,  they have their milk and then I do the blast off.

Stand at the door, hand hovers over the light switch.






Blast off.

Light goes off, mum leaves the room.  Thanks for playing, we're asleep now.


Elizabeth Em said...

that's really cute!! have you got a copy of the hungry caterpillar? it's a great book for the learning to read age

Elizabeth Em said...
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