Friday, March 08, 2013

Long day


Just thought I'd share my day... you know, with myself.

Up to have a shower before the little boys wake up, who am I kidding?
Both boys wake up at 6:55 and need a cuddle.  Put Mickey Mouse Funhouse on my phone and they both hang out on my bed watching that whilst I have my shower (this is a normal start to the day)
Wake Marko up and kick him out of bed, didn't want to get up today.  Even Ben says to him "in the shower" in a very bossy voice.
Ryan and Ben want Weetbix and thankfully they pretty much feed themselves.
Open the garage door for Jamie to come home.
Have the coffee machine ready for Jamie to make me a latte :)
Little boys want a hot chocolate, so have to make them for them, in Mark's special double walled cups.  Awesome milk moustaches in tiny faces.  Teach them to use the cloth napkins that I have made to wipe their faces.
Mark sees that hot choc is on offer, so make one more!

Just to let you know.  Ryan is naked for all of this.

Get two little boys dressed whilst they think they are playing a game of chasey - its challenging.

Make my lunch, convince Mark to make his own lunch (I do interact with Mark as well, give him a morning cuddle and then turn bossy).  Put the dishwasher on, take all of the recycling out and then put all the kids in the car to head off to work.

Drop Mark off at the shopping centre and he walks the a block and a half to school.  Head to childcare and drop of the littlies.  Ben's class was already outside and Ryan's class was learning about opposites (using flash cards)... when I picked him up I asked him "how did you go learning about opposites" the reply "oh mum, learning is hard"

Work was busy today. Lots of health assessments, careplans, flu vaccines, trying to put some order into the recall list, I feel I'm losing the battle with the recall list, not sure how much effort to put into it.

After work, picked up the kids and then dropped in home for a change of nappy and some spare clothes, then off to Connie & Paul's for dinner.  The boys love playing with Toby and looking/cuddling Zahli.  Had a super delicious dinner of schnitzel with a cornflake & parmesan cheese crumb, it was the best schnitzel I've ever had.  We ducked out for icecream and the boys were covered in chocolate creaminess.

Finally home at 7.45pm.  Boys went into the shower and Marko played his xbox. They are metrosexual kids, they like body wash of the puff rather than soap!  Then it was another game of chasey whilst getting them in their pjs.
Read three stories

Sang the usual songs - Bananas in Pyjamas, Twinkle Twinkle little star, Humpty Dumpty, If you're Happy and you Know it.
Milk for the fellas and then they went to sleep.

THEN... 4 loads of washing done and hung out. Marko emptied the dishwasher. I attempted some Easter craft, don't think it'll work, so I think it'll be a papermache basket for the Easter Egg hunt.

Of course I've also been Facebooking and writing this mammoth blog post.

Things I notice about today - no Jamie.  He came home from work at 7.30am, I left at 8am.  He left for work at 5.30pm, I got home at 5.35pm... yeah that works, thankfully that only happens on a Friday.

Now its 11pm, I forgot to have my Sifrol at 8.30, so the Restless Leg Syndrome is starting to kick in.  We are at day 6 of a heatwave, and its not due to break until Wednesday or Thursday of next week... every day over 30 degrees and its March.  I for one am sick of it.  Insomnia is easing, but I'm still not sleeping very well.

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Elizabeth Em said...

okay so you do have the hungry caterpillar! that's a big day!!