Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

Easter Sunday was at our house this year.  Jo, Mark and the kids came over just after 9.30 for our Easter Egg hunt.  

Seeing Jo and I were raised by the same parents, its not surprising we have very similar outlooks on the non-traditional or commercial side of Easter.  Neither of us "get" the Easter Bunny, why has that become a thing recently.  We are all for the chocolate, but getting up early to see if the EB has been and then having the kids hyped up on choc from 5.30 am just does not make sense to us.  Phew.  Finally we agree on something.

The 4 little kids all got a basket each, Sheena and Roy made theirs at school.  Sheena's was very dodgy, Roy's had structure and was actually quite nice.  My little two got pink ones from K-mart.  I'm sure they will be psychologically scarred for life.

There was a decent amount of eggs *hidden* in the grass in the backyard.  To be fair, once they'd all been collected, they went back into the collective container and re-distributed.

It was a good hunt.

Here is a cute action shot.  Ryan is running, tongue is out for added balance and concentration.

Here is our posed one.  Sheena was already inside gobbling up her stash.  Roy looks gorgeous.  
Ben is doing his "cheese" face, which now necessitates a head tilt.
Ryan is showing off his basket, and I believe also "cheesing"

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