Saturday, March 30, 2013

Gearing up

Went though all the emails from our hotel.  Its nerve racking, hope its as we are expecting, two rooms right next to each other.  Our room looks so nice, its open to the pool, so we're going to have to be neat or we're letting the team down.

Spent the night at Nathalia with the inlaws last night.  I would be quick to call it the best trip there ever.  It was just me and the kids, it was more relaxed than other times and we achieved something.  Spent 2.5hrs shovelling wood chips to a new garden bed.  Even little Ben had a rake.  Felt so good to give something back to them.  They are always helping us.  Our dogs are staying up there whilst we go away.  They are loving it.  Get to bark at cows, have a huge area to explore. They are lazy, so they are safe.

Today was the Bush Bash - sort of an Easter Festival.  There was a Turtle Parade, all the kids dressed up as turtles or butterflys/moths and walked down the main street.  Ryan really got into it.  Ben was a little bit little for the backpacks so he carried a stick with a cardboard witchety grub on it.  Then an author read her book about a long neck turtle which was partly written in the local aboriginal language.  I would have liked to get the book , but it was $25.. a bit much I think.  There was a display of live turtles that the boys really got into it.  Mark on the other hand is all about the food, more to the point, the drinks.

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