Sunday, March 24, 2013

Walk for the Kids

Did the Walk for the Kids today.

Its part of the RCH Good Friday appeal, which is held every year here in Melbourne Town.  Supposedly they raised $2million.

We were in the "short course" of 5.5km in the white zone.  White zone is for walkers, prams, wheelchairs etc.  I went with Jo and her friend Keri.

Despite all of those people.  We were last for 85% of the course.

We had to stop for the other two to go to the loo, the line up was big, and there were only 3 toilets at this spot at we were at the back of the line, so 20 minutes later, we re commenced the walk.  Not another person was in sight at this stage.  Once we hit past Birrarung Marr, on a tollway road, a car was backing along the road.  Weird the roads were closed for the FunRun.  The bloke in the car said "ladies, anyone behind you"  Nope we think we're last... he said, that's a shame I'm meant to be last.  And then he super slowly followed us for 4km!  It was excruciating.

So many people cheered us on.  Some teased us for having an ambulance behind us.  Then we overtook a woman with what I'm guessing to be cerebral palsy and we ended up being 2nd last.  Managed to chat the entire way and it was very pleasant.

At the end we were part of the tens of thousands that were milling around The Myer Music Bowl and the atmosphere was happy and sweaty.

Afterwards Jo and I went out for brunch and that was also quite delightful - despite no butter.

Caught the train home.

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