Monday, January 27, 2014

Day Two - Laundry

Day Two I have chosen to be the laundry.  My laundry is VERY small.  I have a dual sink.  A washer and dryer (attached to a wall), a chest freezer and a double doored wardrobe.  I can only just turn around.  But it still gets cluttered.  There was some wayward Christmas Decorations on the floor.  Floor painting items in a sink and a VERY dirty shelf.


Laundry - The next room for our challenge is to clean the laundry.  With 5 members in our house, I am washing 6 out of 7 days.  To make it easer on myself I need to keep the laundry tidy and clutter free.  Here is today’s cleaning tasks:

  • Wipe over the laundry sink
  • Clean all benchtops/surfaces
  • Using the brush attachment remove all dust and lint from your dryer
  • Dust your laundry walls (lint and dust does build up due to moisture from the dryer
  • Clean window
  • Clean floor  

Remember just do the tasks above, we will be coming back to the laundry during the challenge to organise and clean other areas.

Laundry Pile – That’s right declutter your laundry pile by organising the dirty laundry. In my case, this just means do the next load!

Laundry Routine - I'm a do it every day girl.  I don't have a system for washing, it all gets washed.  I need the system for folding and putting away.

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