Wednesday, January 29, 2014

This is me - Part Six


*How did you meet your spouse?  Was it love at first sight or did it take some time?
 I met Jamie on the internet, long before there was such a thing as internet dating or hook up sites.  We were chatting on ICQ a chat program and to this day neither of us know who contacted who first.  He was easy to chat to, surprisingly funny and we got along very well.  We started chatting online in 1999, met in person later that year and although he was friendly and nice, it was not love at first site.  I started uni, and our friendship grew.  He worked afternoon shift, so some days I would visit if I didn't have classes and we just talked.  In March of 2000 we went on our first official date, to his cricket presentation.  He won a pretty good award.  We had our first kiss and have been "a couple" ever since.

*How long did you date before you got engaged?  How long was your engagement?
 This is a bizarre question, because I don't feel we really dated.  The first year probably.  We moved in together in July 2001.  We moved interstate together in 2004.  We fell pregnant together in 2009 after trying for two years.  We got engaged August 2009 and our engagement lasted 2 months.

*How did you get engaged?  (The story.)
Our engagement story is very unromantic.  I believe in strange bits of karma.  I know my relationship with Vince was doomed, but felt the nail in the coffin was at the hospital when although Mark was named Mark Orset at birth, they put on his paperwork Mark Lantz.  Somehow that was some type of karma about a doomed relationship.  Therefore I knew Ryan was going to be *insert name* Storer, so I could not give birth as a Lantz.  I needed to be Christy Storer so my baby had the correct name from birth... what does this have to do with an engagement story.  I had wanted to get married from mid 2000.  I knew Jamie was the person I was to spend the rest of my life with.  He is not quite so forth coming.  Its a shyness thing.  Admitting love in front of people is not something he's keen on.  I know he loves me, I'm not concerned.  Neither of us are very photogenic either, that was hold up for getting married.  So one day in2009 when I was 5 or 6 months pregnant, I asked him "give me one reason why we shouldn't get married, otherwise lets do it"  We were in a full marriage like relationship anyway, there was no reason not to so we did!
*Who did most of the wedding plans?  Who helped?
I did it all myself.

*Who were your bridesmaids/best men? 
We did not have attendants.
*Describe the details of your wedding:  the colors, the cake, the decorations, etc.
We got married at the Newcastle Registry Office.  We had our good friends Jason and Terese as our witnesses, all of our children (Mark and their two boys) and that was it.  I was hugely pregnant, I had massively swollen feet, I wore a white sun-dress from Kmart and gold ballet flats.  It was perfect for us at that time in our life.

*Where did you go on your honeymoon?  What adventures did you have?
Still have not been on our honeymoon.  6 weeks after we got married we had Ryan, then obviously Ben followed closely.  When they are a bit older we will have our official honeymoon.

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