Wednesday, January 29, 2014

This Is Me - Part Five

*What jobs have you had?  

1.  1991-1992   My first job was a courier working with my dad when I was 18 for about a year and half to two years. I drove a little white hatch back all over the eastern suburbs collecting pathology samples.  I did a Tuesday evening run and a Saturday morning.  I loved listening to the radio and stopping at all the centres.  It was a great job.

2.  1993-1997  Next was Melbourne Pathology when I was 19, I was the junior technician in the microbiology department, I was at TAFE and the job was actually handed to me.  Sue Lloyd Jones from MP came to my class one day (she was the boss of micro) and asked if anyone was interested in working, the teacher forced me to put my hand up and I was working about a week later.  I did specimen reception, bacterial swabs plating out (putting onto petri dishes), first stage microscopy of vaginal swabs and faeces specimens. I also did a bit in the immunology department, setting up the tests for rubella, syphilis, arthritis and a little bit of hepatitis. I liked the job, but I got as far as I could go without having a degree.  But once I had the degree I would have sat in the chair beside me and look at gram stains... not very exciting.

3.  1998-2000   Stay at home single mother - the best of all the jobs.  I loved being home with Mark.  He was an easy baby, an awesome toddler.  But it doesn't pay the bills.
4.  2000 - 2003  Blood collector also with Melbourne Pathology.  I did this part time during my nursing degree and then full time for a year when Jamie lost his job.  It was also not a very thrilling job.  I was very good at it.  But the pay is crap and really every single day is the same.  No one wants to be there, some people are nasty and job satisfaction is getting a vein.  Not long term thank you very much.

5.  2004-2011  Registered Nurse at Hunter New England Health Service in the Gastroenterology Department.  I loved working on H3.  It was an awesome bunch of people.  The work was crap (literally) but I liked it.  Ended up being a Team Leader.  Had a stint in the Motility Clinic.  Cleaned lots of bums, gave out heaps of pills, help implement change.  

6.   2012   Agency Registered Nurse - this was the WORST job ever.  I hated every minute of it.  New place every day, no friendly faces, no one explaining what to do.  Only did it for about 2 months.

7.   2012   Registered Nurse at St Vincent's Private Surgical Ward.  Thankfully I was only there for 6 weeks, this was the 2nd worst job ever.  The staff again were bitchy and not helpful with explaining protocols and left me to my own devices until I made a mistake and then was told off.  Weekend shifts were often cancelled due to no patients.  Phew only 6 weeks of that shit.

8.   2012   Practice Nurse at Medical One.  I loved this job.  It was a nice pace, lovely staff, friendly to the point of amazing boss.  Huge learning curve, VERY different from hospital nursing.  Very little pushing out of the comfort zone.  Pay was completely crap.  Would happily be there today, but the pay was terrible.

9.   2013 - present.  Practice Nurse at Care Medical.  Some days I love it, some days it makes me cry.  It has taken over my life.  Its fast paced or completely dead.  The role has changed so much since I started 12 months ago.  Its grown into a monster that I don't think I can do it all.  But I'm sticking at it. 

*Who were your bosses?  Did you like them/get along?
  1. My dad (he was a great boss).  
  2. Sue Lloyd Jones - hmm.... she was aloof, cold, but sometimes fantastic, I recall her having great hair.
  3. Mark (oh my darling Mark)
  4. Some woman called Marcella and more directly Ellie - strangely enough I met Ellie again recently and she remembered me.
  5. Petra / Ginger / Kelly / Kristy / Cheree - disliked Ginger intensely, wrong person for the job.  Got on with Kristy the best she was born to be a NUM.  Petra I sensed didn't like me and always looked confused.
  6. Who the f**k cares.
  7. What was her name... Sue and she was delightful.  She had an eccentric look about her, big floaty clothes and teased bright red hair.  She was very warm and welcoming.  Everyone else was a bitch.
  8. The wonderful Kym Robinson.  I wish she was still in my life.  I loved her.  She was the friendliest person with the most wonderful smile and nature. She quit Facebook after we both left Medical One, and I don't  her phone number 
  9. My current boss is Dr Hussain.  I shall leave it at that.
*How did you get along with your co-workers?
Exceptionally well to all except for the agency and the private hospital.
*Which was your favorite job?
Hmm... every job is fine when the circumstances are right.  I didn't like the shift work, but my current job doesn't pay as well.  I loved the closeness of the hospital. 
*How many years until you retire?
Too many years I guess.  My youngest child is 16 years off being 18... I'm working for a very long time yet.  25 years until I'm 65.
*Do you have any big plans for your retirement? (If retired: What have you done since retirement?  What's next?)
I want to travel the world with my Jamie.  I want my boys and their partners to be welcomed into my home as often as they want.  I want to have a heap of grandchildren and be able to spoil them.  But most of all I want to be pain free, healthy, happy and in love in my retirement.

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