Thursday, January 23, 2014

This is me - Part Four

College years:
*Did you attend college or a trade school of some sort?
Its not called college in Australia.  Straight after high school, I went to TAFE (Technical and Further Education), I studied for an Associate Diploma of Applied Science - Medical Laboratory.  This set me up to be a lab technician in the Microbiology Department of Melbourne Pathology.  I did that for just over 4 years.

Then when I was 27 and Mark was 2, I went to RMIT University and studied my Bachelor of Nursing.

*How did you choose what you wanted to be when you grew up?
Dad worked for a pathology company as the courier when I was in my late high school years.  I did some courier work with him. I also did my year 11 (I think) work experience with Victorian Pathology and quite liked it.  I didn't get the marks to go straight to uni and do Bachelor of Applied Science, so I did the TAFE equivalent. It allowed me to be a lab technician.  

*What did you think was the hardest thing about your chosen profession at that time?  Did it turn out that way?
My chosen profession wasn't that difficult.  More dealing with the personalities of the staff... its always about personality.  I had some difficulty recognising the different parasites in poo to start with.  But I shall always remember what a Giardia looks like.

*What dumb things did you do during those years?
I don't recall doing anything dumb.  I was pretty straight laced until I met Mark's biological father.
*What good things did you do?
Again, I don't really recall.  My memory is pretty crap for that time of my life.
*Did you live on your own?  How well prepared were you for that?
I lived with my parents until I was 21 years old.   Then I moved out with my sister Jo to North Fitzroy.  We did pretty good. 
*What life lessons did you learn?
Best if I don't live long term with my sister.  That poo doesn't really bother me.  That I don't' really enjoy looking down a microscope.
*What choices did you make that affect where you are now?
Nothing that I can think of.

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