Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Trying to do - Master Bedroom. Day Three



This is my bed all the time. Jamie hops in as soon as I get out and he doesn't make it.
Must add it to my list, make my bed when I get home from work.

I'm having terrible trouble completing this task. I shall add the photos later. Its too big for me to do on my own.  I'm on my third day of trying to do it.  My bedroom has been the dumping ground.  I sleep in it overnight, Jamie sleeps in the day time, I fold the washing there in the evening.. but more often I dump the washing on the ground and tell myself to fold it tomorrow.  There is always dirty laundry on the floor.  Little bits of paper, boxes, suitcases, anything that doesn't have a home is dumped in our bedroom until we can work out where it should go.  My bed is NEVER made, the curtains are the most atrociious things you have ever seen and are always closed.  There are coffee cups and coke cans on the bedside tables.  Nothing matches and its old, dated and revolting.  To be honest (as you can tell) I hate my bedroom.  No love, no passion (obviously - my husband works nights), no style.  The plan for the clean-declutter-organise is:

Oops, blurry. 
This is where all the crap is. 
Messy bookshelf (needs a huge declutter 95% can go).


Main Bedroom
  • Strip the bed sheets off the bed
  • Wash all bedding
  • Place decorative cushions on line in sunshine for a few hours to help remove dustmites
  • Vacuum mattress
  • Flip mattress if you have not done in the past 3 months (I flip mine every 2 months)
  • Pick up and put away all clothing
  • Pick up and put/throw away all paper clutter
  • Pick up and put/throw away all other clutter
  • Dust all surfaces, bedside tables, dressing tables, mirrors, picture frames
  • Dust ornaments
  • Vacuum ceiling fan to remove dust that has settled during winter
  • Vacuum the floor, including under the bed
  • Place clean bedding on your bed
Please don’t do the following tasks today, they are coming soon:
  • The ensuite
  • Your wardrobe
 Bedroom surfaces – Do you have one too many ‘pretty things, nic nacs, ornaments’ on your bedroom surfaces.  Having too many little things will make the task of cleaning harder and you more than likely won’t be dusting over your surfaces as often as you should.  Today’s task is to look over what you have and re-evaluate if they need to be there.

My lovely bedside table.  Deoderant cans, empty coke can, wet towels. 

 Top drawer of your bedside table - My bedside table doesn’t have much in it these days, years ago I would have magazines or a pile of kids drawings, now it’s a drawer of my items I use every night.  My 2nd drawers is where I keep my treasures, cards and love letters from hubby, trinkets and memories of my grandparents and school years.

I shall post my AFTER shot tomorrow.

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