Thursday, January 30, 2014

This Is Me - Part Nine

Had to skip part 8 as I'm not a grandparent.

*What are some of your personal and family traditions for each holiday?  (New Years, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Easter, Christmas, etc.)
We are pretty poor when it comes to traditions.  Currently New Years Eve is spent calming our dogs down.  Easter is not set in concrete yet, but an Easter Egg hunt is a must.  My tradition for Good Friday is NOT to have fish as my mum was against that Catholic tradition, so I am too.  Christmas is we must watch Carols by Candelight on Christmas Eve and that is about it.  Must make some traditions... Elsie style.

*What traditions have you carried over from your childhood?  Which ones did you start in your own family?
None that I can think of.  Oh my goodness that is sad.
*How do you celebrate adult's birthdays?
Family dinner, birthday cake and presents.
Jamie's 39th birthday, Tiramisu!

My 40th, a vanilla cake (I think)

*How do you celebrate children's birthdays?
Family dinner, birthday cake and presents.
Mark's 15th birthday, choc cake.

Ryan's 4th birthday, funfetti piñata cake.

Ben's 2nd birthday, he slept and didn't get cake as we were in Thailand.

*How do you celebrate your anniversary?
We were dreadful, we both forgot.  Remembered about 5 days later.  Not into the celebrating thing.

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