Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cleaning Challenge Day 4 - Bathroom.

I'm not taking a before shot.  Its far too embarassing.  Our main bathroom (the kids bathroom) is terribly old fashioned.  When it was done up I'm guessing it was amazing.  There is a floor to ceiling mirror tile wall.  A corner bath with brown glass.  Cream/pink tiles and a worn out old vanity.    This one is still a work in progress.  Day four may take four days to complete.

It sure is retro.

Bathrooms - Aah the bathrooms, if neglected they become quite grotty.  The key to the bathroom is to routinely clean it which will then reduce the amount of scrubbing you will need to do.
Today’s cleaning task is to do the following in all your bathrooms:
  • Spray your shower with shower cleaner, leave for 10 minutes.  While waiting:
  • Using all purpose cleaner remove the hard water build up around the taps, using a toothbrush if needed
  • Remove the buildup in the drain
  • Clean mirror
  • Clean toothbrush holder (I put ours in the dishwasher
  • Wipe over vanity and all other items sitting on vanity
  • Wipe over and refill soap dispenser
  • Wipe over window sills
  • Clean window
  • Wipe bathtub and tiles
  • Wipe over sink
  • Depending how dirty your shower is, use a brush to give the screen and grout a good scrub
  • Rinse shower
  • Clean toilet
This is plain awful.  But its our en-suite.

Bathroom vanity bench – Remove as much as you can from your bathroom vanity to make it look tidier and easier for you to clean.  I use a toothbrush holder that is suctioned to the mirror to make it easier to wipe the bench.

Shower caddy - The original post had a whole lot about cleaning products.  But I'm an Enjo convert.

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