Saturday, February 01, 2014

This is Me - Part Eleven

Home life:
*Describe the places you've lived.
Templestowe Road was my childhood home.  Parents are still there.
Holden St, Nth Fitzroy - Jo and I moved out into our "cool" city pad.  Turquoise carpet and white concrete walls.  It was awful, but it was ours.  We thought we were really cool.
Kintore Cres - Box Hill - Jo and I moved there.  A lovely little unit with a cute courtyard.  
Roaming around - almost a year of nomadic living, including the back of a station wagon, a Kombie van, youth hostels and a caravan park.
Templestowe Road - back with the parents.
Gordon St, Tullamarine - moved in with Jamie to the house we are in now.
Purdue Avenue, Mayfield - our rental in Newcastle, it was a weird house, but it was home for 6 or so months.
Conmurra Circuit, Shortland - our purchased home in Newcastle.  Renovated the whole place, ended up being perfect two days before we moved out.
Currently back in a desperate to be renovated Gordon St.

*What was your favorite house or apartment?  Why?
My parents house is my favourite.  Everything is in the correct place.

*How do you like to decorate?
I'm in the process of picturifying the house (ie putting up more pictures)  Its a SLOW process.

*What is it about home that you love?
My family is there.

*How has your standard of life changed through the years? 
Its gone up and down.  We are on an upwards trend at the moment.  Still always look at the price though.

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