Tuesday, February 04, 2014

This is me - Final... thank goodness.

*What is the most daring thing you've done?
Dare-devil daring was a bungee jump and rap-jump in NZ.  I hated the rap-jump (walking or running down the side of a building tethered to the top), it was terrifying and I wasn't "cool" about it.  The bungee was in Queenstown and also wasn't cool, but it was fun.

*What is the stupidest thing you've done?
Probably running off with Vince.  Should have left it at one day and a life time of "what ifs"

*What is your most embarrassing moment? (Or moments)
Nah, I'm pretty cool.  I have a lot of why did I ask that moments at my work.  "Is this your mother?" "No its my wife" and most recently I asked an asian woman who was supporting her friend during a baby's vaccination if she was the nanny.  Let the ground open up and swallow me.

*What choices in life would you like to have a redo on?
I'd like to stand up for myself a bit better.  Although it would mean no Mark, I wish I wasn't able to contact Vince after our first meeting.  But I can't ever say that, it would mean no Mark!

*What is your general attitude toward life?
Not too great at the moment,  I'm finding almost every aspect very challenging.  Hoping for a pick me up soon.

*What kind of personality do you have?  
I've evolved.  I was painfully shy.  Blushing like crazy and not able to speak.  Now I'm very talkative, but still essentially shy. 

*How has your personality changed over the years?  What made it change?
Isn't that an interesting question after how I answered the first one.  I'm sure being a nurse has changed me, being a mother has changed me.  Nursing makes you talk to people and not always people you like.  Older men (like 70+) flirt with nurses something terrible, and it all has to be taken in your stride.  Coaxing out secret information is a skill too.

*How well do you associate with others?
I can talk to anyone.  Once I know you, I'm chatty.

*What makes you nervous/happy/angry/surprised/scared/etc?
Nervous - anything to do with decisions.
Happy - family
Angry - family, breaking rules.
Surprised - ??
Scared - Jamie or Paul driving, mice and dogs.

*What are your current hobbies?
Facebook would be my hobby. Baking is a need. Taking pics and scrapbooking is a sideline.

*What hobbies have you had in the past?
Scrapbooking was a passion.

*How often do you get to do your hobbies?
Its being bothered to do it.  I am always on Facebook and it distracts me from everything else.

*What hobbies do you wish you could start? 
I want to ride a bike.  I want to scrapbook daily.

*What would you like to do before you die?  (Bucket list)
I want to travel with Jamie.
I want to see my sons grow up and become amazing men.
I want to have all of my daughters-in-law (or son in law if that is the way it turns out) love me and feel as comfortable with me as their own parents.
I want to own a sports car.
Not much else.
*What are your beliefs about death?
I believe that I will leave my body and go to heaven to live with God.
*Are you scared to die?
I'm scared to die too early or painfully.
*How would you like to go?
The same as everyone else, peacefully in my sleep when I'm old before I get sick.  
*What are your final wishes?
If anyone dare let me live in a coma I will come back and haunt you.  I would rather pull out of treatment too early than to live the way some of patient's live.  No life support, no dialysis and there had better be a euthanasia pill.
*What are your wishes for your funeral and burial?
Could not care less, don't put me in an expensive casket, happy to be cremated.
*What would you like people to say about you when you're gone? 
She was an amazing mother and grandmother.  Man she made the best (insert food item) I don;t know what I want to be known for.  Maybe something a little more obscure like a pie that is not common in Australia. 

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