Saturday, February 01, 2014

This is me - Part Twelve

*How many hours do you like to sleep at night?
Wow this is a vexed topic for me.  I  don't have a good relationship with sleep.  At the moment I'm getting between 3-5 hours a night.  It is not enough.  I'd like to sleep for 7.  Can't see that happening any time soon.

*Do you take naps?
Only ever take accidental naps on the weekend if the boys are watching a movie and they are sitting on my lap.  I can't stay awake then.  Also on the way home from a day trip, I sometimes micro sleep.

*Do you like a lot, or few blankets and pillows?
I hate heavy blankets.  I like my neck covered but my legs out.  Restless leg syndrome makes it challenging to be comfortable.

*Can you sleep anywhere, or does it have to be in your own bed? 
Terrible sleeper at home.  Worse sleeper anywhere else.

*What are your favorite conditions for a good-night's sleep?  Does it have to be completely dark and quiet?
I love having my radio on.  I love the overnight programs on the ABC for when I wake up overnight.  Don't care about lights.  Need to have my phone next to me.

At the moment Jamie is doing night shift, so we don't sleep together except on weekends (and to be honest, I'm not a fan), I tend to have one or more kids with me most nights.  Ryan is nice to sleep with, he is a "still sleeper", Ben on the other hand is the messiest sleeper ever, he likes to go sideways, upside down, one foot on your head.  He's very VERY hot too.

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