Saturday, February 01, 2014

Day Seven - The Floors

Todays tasks are:
  • Pick up as much as you can off the floor.  I put items from the kids floor on their beds, bin and toilet brush on the toilet seats to make cleaning the floor as quick as possible.
  • Vacuum all floors, hard and carpet
  • Mop floor (see homemade cleaner recipe below)
  • Relax while the floor is drying

Out of date food - Look through your pantry (especially your dried herbs and spices) and dispose of all food out of date.  Add food close to use by date to next weeks meal plan.

Pantry - Today’s organise task is to organise the pantry. However, I don’t want you to remove everything from your pantry as this can be a big job.  Instead, today let’s spend time tidying and reorganising to make it more manageable.  You will find a complete post here, including video of the storage I used for my pantry

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