Saturday, February 01, 2014

Day Six - Lounge Room.

Our lounge room is a confusing one.  Only ever go in there to watch tv which is hardly ever at the moment.  The kids watch the telly more.  We kick our shoes off in there and not much else.  Its a hard wood floor and is quite uncomfortable.  We used to have very VERY heavy brown curtains, but I thankfully threw them in the rubbish bin in September last year and got some lighter grey ones.  We got a new TV cabinet.  We have a big box of lego in the corner of the room, and there is almost always some Lego on the floor.  Mark is my big offender with messing up the lounge room.  He likes to sit on his phone and eat, he does not think about putting away his dishes, packets or shoes.

Today’s cleaning task is to do the following in your lounge room:
  • Place decorative cushions on washing line in sunshine for a few hours to help remove dustmites
  • Wash throw rugs
  • Dust all units in your lounge room: TV unit, display cabinets, coffee table etc.
  • Remove all DVD’s, CD’s or video games and dust this area, giving consoles and DVD players a good clean
  • Reconsider the amount of ornaments you have on display to make dusting easier
  • Dust all photo and picture frames
  • Wipe over all TV remote controls and video game controllers to remove germs and dirt buildup
  • Clean light fittings
  • Spot clean your couch
  • Vacuum couch
  • Roll up rug and vacuum underneath

Your magazine collection - This one is quite funny to me.  I don't do magazines.  I don't do books anymore.  Maybe my declutter can be the table in the entrance.  It always has junk on it.  I shall remove all the letters, bottles and other crap.  Then find a lovely plate or something like that to put the coins and other items that need to be kept.  

Pamper yourself with ‘me’ time - Our days seemed to be filled with cleaning, caring or doing things for others.  Yes I love doing all these things for my family but often I forget about myself.  It’s important to take time out for yourself, a coffee or movie night with friends, get a pedicure or a massage, plan some time one afternoon or during bubs naptime to read a book or take a long bath.  Today’s organise task is to plan and organise some ‘me’ time, call some girlfriends and make a date in your diary.

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