Friday, January 19, 2007

2007 - Part Two

I forgot to finish this post.. oops.
  • We went back up the farm for another week. It was good, went shopping in Shepparton with Margie and Mark. Found the most wonderful scrapbook shop called Circle of Friends. It was beautiful, very well laid out and I loved it.
  • Visited one of Jamie's old school friends Danny, his wife Melinda and their 2.5 kids. We saw them last just after they got married. Nice to see Jamie with someone from his childhood, they still got along good and Mel and I did as well. Mark, of couse, had a ball with their kids and their toys.
  • Had a BBQ with the extended family.
  • Then we left for the drive back to Newcastle. We stopped at friends from Ansett days - Drew and Kelly - for the night to break up the trip. They had a brand new puppy only about 10 weeks old, and it was so cute. Annoyed the heck out of Charlie because of its puppy antics, wanting to play and jump. Our dogs were very well behaved. Had a nice dinner, very hot in Wagga Wagga, so Kelly and I retreated to her bedroom where the airconditioner was on!! The boys played on the computer I think! I went to bed in Kelly's son's bed - he was visiting his dad. Don't know where Jamie slept.
  • Left once again the following morning, and we got home about 1pm. Jamie went to play cricket, I did some grocery shopping.
Well blog readers aren't you glad I caught you up on my very exciting life.

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