Thursday, January 11, 2007

Things that make me happy.

I was reading Elsie Flannagan's blog (which I happen to do quite a bit - she's so gorgeous) and she put out the *challenge* to show the world what makes you happy. I didn't think of it as a challenge, and reading it again, she didn't call it a challege, but what the hey. It was great to go around my house and and look for stuff that makes me happy. Looking at the memory card on my camera and I realise that Mark makes me happy. There were 13 photos of him taken in 2 days - I know to some scrapbookers that is chicken feed, but I'm not the photographer I want to be yet.

So lets start

  1. Sheena smiling is so amazing and makes everyone very happy.
  2. My new pink scrapbooking chair. I love it.
  3. My big plasma tv - very happy to have this when watching Grey's Anatomy, Prison Break, CSI
  4. The frivoulous - Coke Zero YUMMMM
  5. This frangipangi that is in MY front yard!!! I can't believe that I could have something as beautiful as that in my space. There was an even more beautiful pink one yesterday, but there was no batteries in my camera.
  6. The blue Commodore - its finally almost finished. Think it will as finished as it will ever be and I'm really happy with the way it looks.
  7. Dad in a daggy floppy hat.
  8. Jamie driving me across the country. Means holidays and sitting next to the man I love.
  9. Mum (what else can I say - sorry about the photo mum!)
  10. Mark with one of our dogs. He looks so happy.
Oh and I need to tell you that I hate BLOGGER. I spent ages looking at the preview and placing all of my comments next to the photos, because it showed me in preview that it would place the photos single file one below the next. But noooo they are two to a line. But I forgot this is a happy post. So thank you Blogger that I am able to share some things that make me happy with the people out there in blog land.


Rosemary said...

That is just lovely, I will have to forgive the photo of me because it is me. Please stay happy and enjoy your life.
Ever so much love

jotcr2 said...

I am glad you are enjoying your new pink chair.

Melissa said...

love the pink chair and blogger gives me troubles on the work computer - it wont load very frustrating!