Friday, January 19, 2007

Dag Central

Yes that is me. My little sister forced me into changing the name of my blog (more of a comment, but I've taken it as a request) so not its me and the battle against the computer.... I spend too much time on here. I love emails and email chat. That is little conversations that take all day cos you only email one line at a time. My days off are taken up by talking to Connie or another friend by means of "Hi Connie.. how's work?" Ten minutes later "Good Christy... and you?" Well there is a bit more detail but its far too exciting to mention on here. So its a battle against emails, a battle against blog surfing, a battle against stopping myself from going to Blue Bazaar. I really need to get a life, get some work done around the house, get some scrapping done, Jo from work's wedding album is coming along nicely but I'm still trying to complete the Everyday Moments Competition from the For Keeps magazine. I've done one page today and I stuck two photos down, put one embellishment of a circle chipboard thingie and well its kinda finished, I don't know what else to do???? I'm so stuck these days. My LOs are so simple and I don't like them. I need to have more faith in myself. Jamie thinks I'm a great scrapbooker with good ideas (or he may be fobbing me off) and that I need to trust myself more. Maybe what needs to happen is going back to the 12x12 size. I think that suits me better. Well thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

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Melissa said...

simple is good !

Maybe you need a challenge, I challenge you to pick the first 3 items you see in your scrap stash and make someting with them. I'll do it too (it'll have to be on sunday though as i'm at the tennis tomorrow)