Monday, January 08, 2007


Jamie took me out to dinner last night (it was a bit forced, but we enjoyed ourselves, which we haven't done at a restaurant for a LONG time). We didn't go somewhere fancy like Rockpool, 15 or even Scratchleys. We took ourselves off to LoneStar. Daggy, just a little bit, but we are dags and that is what suits us. We chatted about our future, what our plans are - didn't get very far - and what I want!!! Always putting my 2 cents in. We had a fabulous dinner, I had pork ribs and steak combo and it was divine. Jamie had a chicken and steak combo and could have done without the chicken. The funny part was I ordered a beer and Jamie ordered a coke, the waitress said "Is Pepsi ok?" jamie replied "I'll have a beer too". That man of mine does not like Pepsi.

I think last year wore us down. My work was very hard, Jamie put in very long hours at his work, computer and scrap businesses going nowhere. Mark was "in our face" can we do this, can we go there. But we were too tired. This wonderful holiday down to our parents was exactly what we needed. A BREAK. Mark had stuff to do, we had people to talk to, jobs to do but not in a bad way. I feel we have a new outlook on life (I know I have). Mark is getting older, he's 8.5 years old now. He is a kid with his own feelings and wants, he is not as maleable as he once was, but with his age comes usefulness. He is interested in grown up things, he is able to have a proper conversation, we can't talk about "stuff" in front of him anymore and hope he doesn't understand, kids these days UNDERSTAND everything. The whole point of this tirade is I'm putting 110% into my family this year. They are what is important, I want to give my family the best part of me, not the left overs from work.

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Rosemary said...

Dearest Christy,
I pray that this will come to be, it is so worth it. The power of "positive" attitude will work wonders as you keep things in the right perspective and keep the right priortities.
God bless