Wednesday, January 31, 2007

More stuff that makes me happy!

To contrast from my post from a couple of days ago... I shall prove I'm not about to *crack* it.
So, in no particular order here is the stuff.

There is a photo of bread rolls in my freezer (yes that makes me happy) that means I do not have to make lunches for about 2 weeks, and I know that Jamie and Mark are having a good lunch.

MAIL - Elsie Flannagan calls it happy mail. There is a calling card from the post man - most likely from my wonderful company Scrapanalia. And the parcel is for my mum. ITS HER BIRTHDAY TODAY. Sorry didn't post it on time, but its becoming my signature. Must work on changing that. Love you mum and Happy Birthday.
Mark's room all tidy. I signed him up for the House Fairy. I know that he is 8 and shouldn't believe in fairies, but if he keeps his room clean when the House Fairy comes to visit and sprinkles her fairy dust, she either leaves a surprise or doesn't - depending on the state of the room. Any parents out there, start them off at about 4 years old. It'll be worth it.

This is the car carrier that I'm making Mark. I have about 40 pockets sewn on so far, about another 50 to go. The (what should be) first photo is of the entire thing, then a close up of a pocket and then with some of the stars from the movie Cars - you may see Lighting McQueen, Sally, Doc Hudson and I can't remember the other cars name.


Rosemary said...

This looks wonderful, it will be a treasure and I know he LOVES his cars

Rosemary said...

Mark's room looks fit for a King. It is most fitting that the Fairy has come and seen a room that looks like this.
Keep it beautiful Mr Mark, you are lucky young King.
Love, Nan