Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tennis and other things.

Its 5.40am and I'm up. I think my medication is causing dreams - at least they have stopped being nightmares.
We stayed up to 11.30pm last night watching the tennis, thought Lleyton had lost (like all the other suckers) but after dropping the first two sets, he won the next 3. All done on a 35 degree night. Those boys were dripping with sweat. Our commentary was funny I thought - we were expecting him to pull out an injury if he got close to losing. Maybe Bec Hewitt had him over a barrell and he had to be home by 10.30 to feed Mia! But she was in the crowd and in the heat - Bec not Mia. Anyway I don't really like tennis but for the past 4 years have gotten really caught up with the Aussie Open.

I watched the Red Carpet Special for the Golden Globes. Who did I like?
  • Well... Ellen Pompeii from Grey's didn't look so deer like, liked the dress.
  • Beyonce looked absolutely amazing - there was a lot a double sided tape happening with that dress and her dark skin is so gorgeous.
  • Bradegelina was a bit weird to actually see them - Brad spoke she looked like she had a pole stuck up her butt!
  • Donald Trump had another woman with a pole, supposedly his wife she looked my age but plastic.
Oooh I've got my bitchy typing hands on this morning. Anyway Jamie doesn't like it when I channel surf, so didn't get to watch too much of the GG's, just as well. It is trash.

Had two days back at work, well at the clinic. All has gone really well, I can still put the NGs down (just as well as its the most important part of my job). I'm on morning shift today and tomorrow, which should be good. No idea who I'm working with - it will be apart of my surprise. Its nice to home of an evening.


jotcr2 said...

nasty Christy. :)

jotcr2 said...

By the way, what is with copying Sheena Time with Christy's Life and TIMES? How Old School as your son would say.

Christy said...

Yes I'm thinking about changing the name, what would you suggest??