Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bed Time (11/5/2011)

Had an interesting trip to bed for young RJ Storer tonight.

Firstly he ate his dinner beautifully, the best eating he's done for over a month. He fed himself and didn't chuck anything on the floor (quite an achievement for Ryan).

Then I popped him in the bath, he loves his baths. He was splashing about, helped to wash his face, I gave him a scrub down with the cloth. Then he played with his containers and squeaky toys. Next thing I noticed was him leaning to the side, it was the dreaded "log in the bath". Ryan had done a BIG POO. Thankfully it was a solid one so was easy to fish out. There is something really gross about poo anywhere but the toilet, come to think of it, poo in the toilet is pretty bad too.

Then it was fight time, putting nappies on this boy is hard work. He needs something new and interesting to hold to stay still, screams and kicks and won't lie still. Until the nappy is on and then he stays put. Hard work and bad for the back. So I dredged him in baby powder for a change and he enjoyed it.

I put him in his gorgeous new flannelette PJs. I love the look of winter PJs on little boys, they look like old men, the fact that Ryan is so short makes it even cuter.

Then we went to the kitchen and he cried whilst I got his evening milk. He doesn't like waiting. Then the look of relief when I give him his bottle.

The grand plan is to wean him off a bottle in the next week or so. At the moment he is teething, so generally off his food to the point its not really fair to deprive him of easy milk. I'd like to give him milk from a cup, but he tips it over himself, he is really good with a straw, so might do it that way. A bit of both maybe.

Then we pop into our sleeping bag. Over summer I didn't bother with anything other than the "Linus" blankie, but now that it is cold (that is Newcastle cold, not Nova Scotia cold), we need something a little more substantial. He was waking overnight due to freezing toes, so I'm fixing that with a polar fleece sleeping bag.

Next I give him Lambie and turn his music on. Nan and Pop gave Ryan a musical mobile for his first Christmas and he loves it, it has a soft light that goes from blue to red and makes it not so dark.

So that is our go to bed routine (hopefully the log part won't continue). If I organise it so that it all happens around 7pm, its usually pretty successful. Then I go and look at my gorgeous little Ben... ahhhh.

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