Sunday, May 01, 2011

Update about the boys.

"The boys" is new absolutely favourite saying in the whole wide world. Still LOVING the fact that I finally have three children. It was my dream growing up to have three children, didn't expect them all to be boys, but by-jingo I'm loving being the mother to "the boys"

As a precursor, I'm feeling much better PND wise. I think talking it out to the maternal health nurse, Jamie, Mum and sort of to Connie has helped marvelously. Jamie has been fantastic and I think I've had another week to get used to stuff.

Ben Arthur is 4 weeks old today (that's not a month, only 4 weeks). He smiles, gurgles, squarks, drinks milk like its going out of fashion, poops and sleeps. He looks quite intently at me. I'm still not entirely sure what to do with him, but we will work on that over the next (hopefully) 50 odd years.

Ryan Joseph is 17 months old now. He doesn't know how to sit still anymore. He is constantly on the go, the only way to make him sit down is to strap him in his highchair, carseat or the pram. He is very happy to sit in all three (thank goodness). I'm starting to wean him off his bottle during the day, giving him his milk in a glass using a straw. We will work up to drinking out of it independently as time progresses. He is still a totally shit eater - yogurt, cheese, custard, ice cream (grandparents were dairy farmers you see)... no problems, anything else such as meat and vegies... not so good. His speech is amazing, he babbles incessantly, no real words yet, but engages in conversation. When on speaker phone to the grandparents, they will talk and he will answer very conversationally and loud. He adores little Ben, giving him kisses and hugs at every opportunity, thankfully now its a much shorter duration and one or two kisses is enough and then he'll move on. I have to watch little Ben like a hawk though, Ryan is very quick to throw things and today he had a golf ball in his hand.

Mark Emmanuel who is one and a half months off being 13, has been the wonder kid this weekend. We had drama central yesterday at our house and he was banished to his room (and out of earshot) he did not complain once, he did require to play with my new HTC phone though. Tonight he has done his English homework, I'd like to say without complaining, but that isn't true, but he did it independently which is highly irregular. He's been much calmer with Ryan and showing more interest in Ben. Today he had a bye in his football, so did boundary umpire with Jamie and was paid $10 for his efforts.

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