Sunday, May 08, 2011


What a awful thing to happen to a little person. Ryab got his first two - actually 8 teeth without much of an issue. They just popped through, maybe a bit of a whinge, but nothing to write home about.

These molars on the other hand. His little chubby cheeks are red, he's off his food, not sleeping very well, cuddly and sooky. Was awake from 12:30 to 1:30 last night just whimpering and cuddling, makes for a very tired me. The face is what is amazing, Jamie only just noticed it today, he can't believe that his cheeks can be so affected by teeth coming through.

He's getting dosed on Panadol which helps so much and I'm putting off the weaning of the bottle until he's better. His bottle of milk is such a comfort to my little Ryan.

What I can see in his mouth is at least one eye tooth and three molars cutting through the gum line. Poor little chap.

On a side note: in desperate need of winter PJs and some singlets for little dude, its freaking freezing here (and its all relative, so the fact that its still 17 is freezing for here)

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