Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Too much day time TV

When Jamie leaves in the morning, you close the front door behind him and have a quick 15 minute workout on the "Tower 200 with Jake".

Then whip on the "Zumba DVD's" and prance around the house with your brand new ..."H2O steam mop and Swivel Sweeper". If you use the "H2O Steam mop" in 5 mins you will receive an additional vacuum cleaner absolutely free.

Now by now it should be around midday.

You should have prepared your "speed slicer" and "bullet express" so you can arrange dinner to be cooked in your "flavorwave oven" all ready for Jamie when he gets home.

But wait there's more.

You can whack on your "Pro-Active" skin care treatment and within 15 minutes your skin will feel fresher and clearer".

Then smear on some "Dr Lewinne's skin treatment" for that Goddess feeling to last the day.

No need to apply make-up your magic container of "Thin Lizzie" has covered all with the one product.

Now while the boys are having their afternoon nap, jump on the "ab circle pro" and feel those muscles really getting a workout.

When you've finished its time to clean those gutters for Jamie who is off working really really hard lol.

So you get outside and reach for the amazing "transformer ladder" with over 200 ways to use it, and start clearing those gutters and cobwebs from the corners of the house.Don't forget to rest your coffee mug on one of the 2 free steps you get !!!

Now it's almost time for Jamie to get home, and you're wondering is the car he is driving insured and are we paying too much. Never fear, you can give "I Select"" a call as they can find the best cover for you which seems much cheaper because you're at home slaving away with all that you do and rarely get out to drive.

Well what do you know, by now Jamie is home and dinner is lovingly laid out prepared on the table for Jamie to eat with the 24 packs of "Free steak knives" you have received for everything you've purchased.

You finally get to put you feet up on the couch, muscles screaming and feel like you're ready to die.

Suddenly an ad appears for "Real Funeral Iinsurance" and you start to wonder like you did today ........LMAO

As written by the brilliant Kirsty Palmer.

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Johanna said...

LOL, love it!!! Thanks for the laugh. I would love The Circle more with out those bloody ads!