Wednesday, May 18, 2011


There are many causes of frustration.

Having a blog post all formulated in your head, but then Blogger doesn't work so you completely forget what you were going to write about.

NEVER catching up on washing. I can't believe how much washing this family of mine produces. There are currently 5 people in my family, Ben doesn't change that often and only has two clothing items. Ryan needs a full change everyday and now its winter there are heaps more. Mark is just confusing... but a uniform and he seems to want to wash his PJs each day, I think he can't be bothered putting them away (not I think, I know), I have no idea how Jamie wears his clothes, I seem to wash 4 pairs of socks each day! Driving me mental.

The amount of packaging after a grocery shop. I had two full plastic shopping bags of excess plastic, plus a cereal box full of recycling.

No one - and I mean no one - helps me around the house. If I ask Mark to put his own dinner plate in the dishwasher you would think I asked him to mop the floor "ugh do I have to, grumble grumble grumble". I'm hopeless at housework, but its all left to me!

6 weeks ago when Margie was here, we completely tidied the computer room. I'm sitting in this room now and is revolting. I'm so embarrassed, how do we get it like this. Piles and piles of STUFF. WTF are we doing????

Breastfeeding. My milk is a little bit too intense and I leak a lot. Ben has trouble with the right side and it overfills. Both boobs hurt most of the time, I hate hate hate two of my bras, the other two are sort of ok.

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