Saturday, May 07, 2011

Fashion crisis

I need help. I need a lot of help. I really like this look: Now I know I'm not that size, I'm much more this: which of course is ICKY. So I'm not going to be doing the skinny jeans with brown boots this winter. I tried on a pair of skinny jeans tonight and it was horrifying. How to plummet any self esteem you might have is to see the wrong style of clothes in a change room mirror. We don't' have a full length mirror at our home, so I don't' see the full me very often at all. According to Westfield Trend watch is the following:

1. Loungerie - Inner as outerwear
The decadence of the 1980's was the last time fashion saw lingerie being worn as outer-wear with Madonna leading the way in the ‘big reveal' of exposed underwear. The 2011 twist on this will see a luxe chic combination of lingerie, swimwear and lounge apparel combine to form a ‘loungerie' fashion trend for 2011.
Think minimal fluid fabrics in neutral tones, sheers and whisper-thin fabrics exposing peeks of lingerie, underneath loose-fitting jumpsuits, long skirts, column dresses and wide-leg trousers.
Problem is we're heading into winter, so whisper thin fabrics don't make sense. Can't wear dresses at the moment due to breastfeeding. Loose fitting jumpsuit (I recall a jumpsuit I wore in the 80s it was turquoise pop snap thing that I thought was marvelous). So other than neutral tones which hopefully wouldn't "wash" me out too much, not much joy with loungerie.

2. Sophisticated seventies
Forget the Boho, flower child look of the seventies and get some vintage-glamour into your wardrobe for 2011. The 1970s gave us such sexy, striking and stylish fashion trends that seventies threads just keep reappearing year after year. Seventies glamour is that smouldering, sequinned, smokey look of the era and can be adopted day or night into your wardrobe.
By day, work the wide-legged trouser, floaty jumpsuit, super-high platform or wide-brimmed hat for a bold statement. When the night?falls, think long, slinky, sexy, glistening gowns that give a sense of movement - look for?high-riding splits or low hanging backs in luxe and shimmering fabrics like satin or Lurex.
I think I'll just say OMG with this one. I'm currently a SAHM to two kiddies under 18 months old (and the teenager who would positively die at the thought), so platform shoes and glistening gowns just aren't practical.

3. Leather and lace

They may be poles apart in texture, but leather and lace are opposites that certainly attract in 2011. Both featured on 2010 catwalks and are back next season with a fabulous vengeance.
? Opt for the wider, antique-styles of lace that exude a vintage-feel rather than the finer, sexier weaves. Make a statement with lace rather than adding a girlie edge or try leaving out the slip and going for the sheer look that will carry on from last season. Leather always has its place every season, but the biker look rocked in 2010 with biker pants, boots and jackets making a strong appearance. Teaming softer finishes like lace and floral prints with the toughness of leather looks to make resurgence again in 2011.
I did see a nice faux leather jackets this evening. Could "work" this look.

4. Bell-bottoms are back - the new trouser
Don't panic, skinny jeans are still in, and always will be. But the wide-leg, flared trouser is experiencing yet another revival as an on-trend alternative to the staple skinny. The Nu-vogue of bell-bottoms, do however, come with some rules. Firstly, the hem should be wide, at least as wide as your foot and on the longer side skimming the top of your toes. Most importantly however, is that the 2011 take on the trend is a looser-fitting, cut generously at the knee rather than the thigh and knee-skimming cuts of a few years ago. Keeping the leg and hem wide means that a fitted high to the waist style will be more flattering and gives the fully fledged 1970s vibe.
This is funny, I found an old (like 5 years old) pair of jeans this week and they quite wide at the bottom ie bell bottom, so I'm on the fashion with this one. I do think they are awful though. But currently its those jeans or trackies!

5. Colour splash

In keeping with the vibrant, cheerful, swinging 70s theme, bold colours and all shades of tan, camel and neutrals will make a huge splash in 2011.
Think boxy shifts in pillar-box red, canary yellow, cobalt blue and a dash of burnt orange. Make a statement with colour or thread it through your neutral palettes with loud and proud accessories. Block colour is mixed with printed patterns galore with digital prints, geometric shapes and animal prints making an appearance and keep your eyes out for more original looks like the Chinese porcelain print and other Asiatic finishes. Cool whites are hot this year from summer through winter and hit anywhere on the neutral palette from cappuccino browns to tans and camel or the coolness of silvery metallics and gun-metal greys.

I can do colour, but need a STYLE.

Looking at Kmart tonight (yes I know Kmart is not the best option, but it was 8:30 on a Saturday night and that is the only store open), they only had flimsy sheer tops, or windcheaters. There was hardly any nice warm tops. Will keep looking at the fashion pages to see what is good. People watching the other people who go to Kmart on a Saturday night showed some weird-assed clothes, chunky girls in short dresses with the revolting wedge boot
Just checked out Witchery, everything is over $50 and I can't justify what is essentially a tshirt being $50. Looked at Zara which people are going APE over and can't find much of an Australian store, the Canadian one, I'm not too impressed about. Maybe Jeans West is more me... again everything is frigging expensive. The other issue I have is we do have a winter, its not a Canadian winter, or even a Tasmanian winter. But I don't want to put my heater on, so I need to dress warmly, most of the clothes I've seen is either paper thin, short- or no- sleeved, even the "jumpers" are thin. If you want actual warmth, you need a horrible windcheater, which I already own and don't like.

ARGH, I hate being a bit fat and not know what suits me.

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