Saturday, May 28, 2011


Its winter and that means one thing.

It seems to take over our life. Jamie is the head coach and VP of our local junior AFL club. This means it takes on greater importance than just going to practice and playing each week.

Take for example this week...

Tuesday: The U14s team (the one Mark plays on) had their team dinner.
Wednesday: Usually training, but due to VERY bad weather, it was cancelled.
Friday: Jason (the club President) came over to do some scanning, and we ended up talking football for at least half an hour, before moving onto other topics. Training. That night, Jamie and Mark were gone from 4:30pm and got home at about 8pm. They had a guest coach - supposedly the kids mucked up and it was quite embarrassing.
Saturday: We went to watch the reserves for the Sydney Swans play at #1 Sports Ground. Drizzly weather but it was a nice day out. I was quite stressed as I don't cope to well with Ryan outside, but there were lots of spotters to keep him contained. Must start training to hold hands.
Sunday: Jamie and Mark will leave at about 7:45am for Jamie's U10s game. Mark is playing at 11:30, and Jamie umpires that game. Depending on how the sleep goes, I will go to watch some of it. I don't expect them home until 2ish... that is the norm.

Then Jamie sleeps.

Mark has enormous potential as an AFL player. He has speed, agility, talent. But he lacks determination and effort. The latter overtakes everything. Such a shame.

Ryan is a little goer. He loves footballs. We have round balls and AFL shaped balls, he MUCH prefers the AFL ones. He takes great delight in throwing and kicking it all over the place. Should be very interesting how he goes when he starts Auskick and how young he wants to play in the "real" games.

Ben just sleeps and eats.

I can't believe how I've come to enjoy the game. I don't mind at all going to a game. I can watch it on telly, if I have to. I quite like listening to it on the radio, but I really dislike the commentary of NRL and really hate listening to soccer. I guess it is what I understand, reminds me of my real home. Man, I miss Melbourne and NEED to move home. I love watching Mark play, I love watching him run. I think the truth is, I love Mark.

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