Sunday, May 01, 2011

Funny story (and thank goodess I'm a trusting wife)

So yesterday was an extremely busy day for us.

Lots of football issues to be fixed and Jamie had a job with his computer fixit company (he fixes people's computers onsite for them). Prior to the job he had to collect his umpire uniform. So off he went to get the uniform, and in the process had forgotten his job clipboard, so had to return home to get it.

Very close to our house he spotted a hitch hiker (very very strange as we live in a quiet suburb with two roads in and two roads out - local traffic only), as he pulled up, the woman came over and asked if he was going to town. As he sort of was, he offered to give her a lift (after he collected his clipboard). Mark spotted him out the window and asked me "Who's in the car with Jamie".... "I don't know" and didn't give it another thought.

Later in the evening he told me about it. She started chatting to him, asked him what he was doing as it looked like he was working. He said that he was and it surprised him as he normally didn't get much work on the weekend. She said she gets much more work on the weekend. Jamie asked "What do you do?"
"Oh, I'm a street prostitute!"
Now this is why I love this man, he told me, I didn't want to offend her by reacting, so tried my hardest not to... he asked her what their situation was with the police, and they had an intelligent conversation until he dropped her off.

I'm so pleased that I fully trust him and am not the slightest bit worried that he "used her services"

So its true, my 4WD which has two baby car seats in the back was sat in by a street prostitute that my husband picked up!

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