Thursday, April 25, 2013


After bath cuddles
Today is Anzac Day here in Australia (and possibly NZ), a public holiday where I end up listening to ABC radio to the coverage of the dawn service and the Anzac Day March.  Its such uplifting radio.  One day I will actually go to the dawn service.  Frank served in Vietnam and my grandfather served in WW2 and my dad potentially could have gone to any war, but thankfully Canada only participated in peace keeping activities in the time dad was in the army.  When the little boys are older and easier to keep in line, I will take them.  It is important for this country.

These are our very sad faces.
 Close to 10am, the boys and I headed out to Brimbank Park.  I forgot to take the camera which annoys me as I had thought about it the night before.  Marko went for a decent mountain bike, he went up hills and did all the stuff he has been very keen to do.  Ryan rode his bike and Ben tried to scoot on his plastic baby quad.  Ben is too tall for his quad, so we have finally come up with his second birthday present, it'll be either a balance bike or one with pedals that only go forwards (or something like that), but Ben is very short - determined but short.  So it'll be a teeny tiny bike if we find one. Connie, Toby and Zahli came too. The kids played on the equipment as well.  Ended up being quite a lovely day, back to tshirt weather.

Then every thing turned grumpy.  Ryan spent pretty much the rest of the day whinging or crying.  He drove me batty.  Refused to eat his dinner so I said "its dinner or bed" he finally chose dinner.  After a bit more coercion he ate every bit.  I just wish he would just eat it in the first place.

The Geary family came over for birthday cake.  It was Jo's birthday yesterday and Mark's today.  We still hadn't had a cake for Ben, so I included him too.  The Geary kids were lovely, it was great seeing Roy and Ben dance together.

After the bath we did our mini photo shoot, told the boys I wanted to see very grumpy faces - who believes that Ben is grumpy?  Ryan's is a little more real.

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