Friday, April 19, 2013

Home again and life is now back to normality.

One final jump in the pool
 Last days of our holiday were fairly laid back.  It rained a lot, our plan was to go to the Tuesday night market for dinner but it POURED as we walked there, so we went to a restaurant instead.  Then both boys went crazy so we decided that no market for toddlers.  Mark offered (or was offered) to babysit, so Jamie and I headed back to the market - got Mark a set of Beats by Dr Dre headphones, there is a slight possibility that they are not quite the real deal... but they are cool looking headphones.  Hmmm $300 headphones for $16... probably not quite real.

Packing went well.  We organised a taxi to collect us at 5am, he rang us in our room at exactly 5am.. what a good driver.  Got through passport check very easily, sat down had some breakfast (or attempted breakfast, the most expensive meal in Thailand and we barely ate it as it was so awful).  The boys were so excited to get onto the plane and were very well behaved on the one hour flight.  Kuala Lumpur was not as hot as it was the first time (Jamie says its because I was more used to the heat), the immigration staff were lovely.  Ate some chocolate.  Boys ran, used free wifi, then they started crying.  They were so tired. Up since just before 5am.

Well the flight home went as well as the flight there.  I don't think they were too bad, but was hypersensitive to those around me.  They are loud kids and quite active.  Benno slept for about 3 hours (thank you Phenergan) and Ryan only slept for about one hour (no Phenergan for him).  Lots of swapping of tablets - ours and the ones we hired.

Finally got into Melbourne at 11.30pm.  I left my phone on the plane and had to run back to get it.  Got some duty free grog for my cocktail hour (or minute).  Immigration again was fun, boys kept running off, and as we were the last off the plane, we had them to ourselves.  Mark's wooden puzzle passed customs.  Got a maxitaxi home and it was 12.30am.  Had to make a mad dash for milk for a well deserved coffee.  Everyone was buzzing.  Ryan and Ben yelled "TOYS" as the ran to their toy room.

The next day no one woke before 10.30am.... bliss is a good sleep in.

My parents came for dinner and the new style "slide night" clicking on the laptop.

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