Saturday, April 13, 2013

Day 11.

Today was HUMID.  After breakfast we decided it was time to hit the beach.  Got everyone dressed up, bag packed.  Walked across the road to the beach, got two banana lounges (100THB each) and then hit the waves.  Very soon little bity things started to bite.  One on my butt, Marks underarms, Connie's leg.  Paul complained that they got him.  So within 5 minutes we were out and headed back to the hotel pool.  Got some good photos on Connie's camera to prove our trip.

Lunch was at our local fried rice place, Jamie and Mark got their favourite sweet and sour.

We then caught a tuk tuk up to The Big Buddha.

The road was very steep and our driver went in first gear most of the way... he did have 9 passengers

A gong that if you rub it a certain way it "sings"

A little elephant hanging out on the side of the road.

The actual "Big Buddha" its quite enormous.
We wandered around up there for a while, women are not allowed to show their knees or shoulders.  Shoes off in certain important parts, but it was challenging for us... most of the signs, the informative signs were in Thai, minimal English translations, and having to chase three small boys made it hard to read the ones that were in English.

Now for a series of photos showcasing how un-photogenic my family is:

Ryan, unimpressed with the lovely view behind him.

Trying for a nice family photo... thanks Mark.

Oh gee thanks Mark... even worse.

The view from Big Buddha.

Chasing the kids.  "come back Ryan"

I feel the Big Buddha is made of marble, if not its hand carved in beautiful white stone. Its like the cathedral in Barcelona, it's unfinished as yet.

My big and little boys.

Another view

Yet another view. 
We feel the humidity or the overcast-ness is playing with the quality of the photographs.  The scenery ones are crap.  It was a dull day, but it was nicer than what these photos depict.  Camera people... advice???

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