Thursday, April 11, 2013

Day 9

Swimming, eating and shopping.
Surprisingly we didn't get the camera out today.  So sorry, no pics.  I think Connie got a couple on her camera of a rain storm, so might be able to share them tomorrow.

Pool.  Stayed in for about 2.5 hours this morning.  The boys are much safer, especially when in the kiddie pool.  They are trying more things.  Ryan wants to do a handstand.  Ben keeps trying to do a duck-dive.  Its the cutest thing.  MUST get my phone out tomorrow and film it.

Lunch. Went down an alley way and asked for our table for NINE.  Had glass noodles with pork.  Delicious.  Little boys had shrimp cakes.  Can't tell you what Mark had.. or Jamie for that matter.

Shopping: Got 4 pairs of shorts for the little fella's, Jamie got a t-shirt and shorts. I got a pair of Havianas (I'm so cool). Have done some research on some clothes that I would like to get.  Any suggestions???

After lunch our plan was to go go-carting and for an elephant ride, but no one could be bothered.  The humidity was set to 100% (that's my rough estimate), so back into the pool it was.  Got the little dudes changed back to their swimmers and back into the pool for another marathon 2hr session.  After about 10mins the heavens opened up and huge cold raindrops fell... and fell... and fell.... very hard for about half an hour.  Didn't get out.  It was delightful.  The water was warm, the rain was cold and it made for a lovely combination.

Dinner: It was still raining a little bit, but despite this, we decided to go a little further afield and go to a restaurant along a less populated part of the beach.  There were about 5 restaurants in a row.  There was one lady who was particularly enthusiatstics in her waving. So we went there.  The prices were th best yet.  All the mains were 100THB (which is approx $3) and 20THB for boiled rice (about 70cents) the serves were HUGE.  You always get a wet wipe on arrival, these ones were frozen which made them even more refreshing.  Our table for 9 was set.  The food was very nice, afterwards we got two complimentary platters of fresh fruit.  We ordered one scoop of ice cream for the boys and got two enormous ice cream sundaes - Mark lucked out there.  So the total cost was 1100THB including drinks (coke, milk and water, no alcohol) which equates to about $35... imagine that in Australia.  That's what it costs for two people, not 8 eaters (Zahli needs a place, not food at this stage)

Post dinner: Mark, Ryan, Ben and I headed up the street and bought a DVD, the new Batman movie for 50THB for the guys to watch.  Jamie and Paul headed out to pick up their new suits that were made to fit, due to the rain storm, Jamie will get his tomorrow.

Then Connie and I headed out for an evening of pampering.  Got a manicure and pedicure, pretty happy with it.  Not the most fantastic quality, but for $6 I can't really complain.  Then was the thing I had been looking forward to and dreading at the same time.  The fish spa.  A tank with about 300-500 small toothless fish which suck dead skin cells from your feet.  They tickle, don't really hurt, but its REALLY REALLY WEIRD. 100THB for 15 minutes of about 30 fish at a time hoovering all over your feet,  some go between your toes - that feels the weirdest.  Had a Scandinavian woman take photos of our feet whilst we were in there.  Very glad I did it, and really want Mark to have a go.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll make him dunk his feet.   Then it was coffee with Connie and then home.

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Rosemary said...

What a wonderful day on holiday, the detail is great.
Today in Melbourne is cold and wet! Ugh