Thursday, April 04, 2013

The anti-climactic birthday party

Ben fell asleep.  He refused his afternoon nap, had two swims, a long walk (well long carry), a walk along the beach, lots of bed jumping, walks up three flights of stairs to visit the roof.

Frangipani on the rooftop
A nice wooden swing chair within the hotel

The view of the pool from the top floor

Walked to the left at 5pm tonight, went to a market type place, I think it was actually a bazaar... it was fantastic.  Not very pushy.  Did my first haggle, supposedly I paid too much (according to Jamie), but I got a bikini for 600 baht.  Must do myself a spreadsheet of what the conversion is, as I have NO CLUE at this stage.  Love my new swimmers.  There are so many ladies here SO much fatter that me in very tiny bikinis that I felt kind of weird in my current bathers are they are quite covered, and everyone else has it all *out there* what am I hiding.

The restaurant we had dinner at tonight - The Ging

Smiling for the camera.

Then we went to Old Phuket Road, which is really just a classier (I guess) shopping strip.  Went to a restaurant which served so many dishes it was crazy.  Jamie had sweet n sour beef, Mark had a fried rice with seafood and egg, I had pad thai and Ryan had a satay chicken.  As mentioned before, Ben had nothing as he was asleep.  Tomorrow we'll find him a cake and will probably get him a blow up pool toy for his birthday.

Poor Benny... he missed it
 Tomorrow, I must steal the camera so we can prove that Jamie was on this holiday as well.


Rosemary said...

Hi my lovely family,At last I have your bolg address as it was not on my laptop. Thanks for all the detail. I am soooo sorry that your worst fears were realized about the trip.It can only get better after all that. Happy birthday cake today BBB (Big Boy Ben) even if he slept through his birthday tea. Your rooms look wonderful, how is the sleeping and RLS? The photos tell a good story as you do. We are in Halls Gap and the weather is just wonderful. Expect to go home next Wednesday. Much love to you all, have a great rest.

Elizabeth Em said...

Christy dear YOU ARE NOT FAT!!!