Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Thailand Trip - Day One Travelling

My plan in the future is to wipe this day from my memory, in all likelihood this is what will happen (I have a crap memory).  It was very stressful.  Like a self fulfilling prophecy... I thought it would be crap so it was.

The three boys at Melb Airport
I'll copy and paste the "essay" I wrote my sister on Facebook last night.  It sums it up pretty good.

Jo Geary:
  • How was the flight? I am dying to hear

  • Oh Jo it was awful. From my opinion, they grizzled the entire way. Ben kicked the seat of the lady in front so much. We had junk everywhere, it was awful. Had to be picked up at 7am for our 10.30 flight. Then it was delayed utnil just after 11.

  • Then we finally got to KL it was so hot that my shins started melting. Had to walk on the tarmac a long way. Our bags were too heavy and then Marko got a major case of freakout culture shock. Had to wait at KL airport for approx 4 hrs. It was fine, but very crowded there. Flight left at 8.40 local time (11pm we think Melb time)
  • - Kuala Lumpur Airport

    Next flight was great. Ben fell asleep prior to take off, Ryan was sweet. Arrive at Phuket, get bags very easily but now we have two VERY tired toddlers, 4 carry on lugggage and two huge suitcases.
  • Weird, hot-faced Christy with our almost birthday boy

  • Christy Storer

    Jamie organises a taxi to take us... was a scammy organisation, they stopped at a shop somewhere to discuss whether we wanted to take some tours etc. The driver was weird, kept jumping out and sped, ran red lights. Mark was FREAKING out, I was stressed but trying to keep a brave face for Mark, and now its closer to 2am melb time. Anyway the driver then tells us our hotel is closed, do we wanto to stay at one of their hotels. "No mate, just take us to the Ramada" So he finally drops us at some place that was closed. as in boarded up, says sorry that's the only Ramada I know, so should I take you to our hotel. Again, we are in the wrong place, but we'll make our own way there. Now its closer to 3am.... all the bags and we start walking what seems like 2km until we get to to the beach then a very nice taxi driver tells us our hotel is only 500m further down the road. Arrive and the staff are gorgeous. I'm nearly crying, Mark is wanting to leave. Jamie was angry. and the kids were stressed. It was so fucking hot. Signed in, the place is beautiful... the boys had a shower in the "rain shower head" Ryan snuggles up in his king single bed and Benno in his cot. Mark had a shower and a debrief. We have an enormous king size with a gloriuos pool just outside, but the door is hard to unlock... all will be fine. Need to find something delightful for Mark to help him adjust (me too to be honest)

    My apologies to my mother for the colourful language, oh and never ask how I am - 12 hours later, she still hasn't replied to my epic.

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Elizabeth Em said...

that was me after flying to Canada. i think i could have been told that i'd won lotto when getting to Honolulu and i would have said i don't give a fu@k lol it's so hard going from one climate to another, especially with kids!