Sunday, April 07, 2013

Day 5 - Thailand Trip

It was challenging.  Boys were grumpy - as in all three.  We didn't really 'do' anything.  Walked a bit. Collected the laundry, let me tell you that is the way to do laundry!  Cost about $8AUD for the entire load and it would have been two loads at home.  Stupidly happy about that.  Mark got himself his first singlet (to show off the muscles) for 180 baht.  The lady at the stall quoted 450 baht, and Jamie got it down to 180.. such a weird system.

Beach Road, Karon Beach.

The beach itself.  It was closed today, but to dangerous conditions.

Hot and grumpy.

Feels much better to be on dad's shoulders than walking

Nothing to do with the holiday, just a lovely pic of my two eldest boys

We're rolling classier here, evening milk in the wine glasses. This was taken about 2 minutes before Ben broke his.  That boy never has a drink without spilling or dropping the cup.  Drives you to distractions
Lunch was delicious, there is a lovely shop just down the road which sells BIG yummy fried rice, only need 2 of them to feed all of us.  Enjoying the local beer, every one is drinking.  Dinner we went to a lovely restaurant.  The staff quickly ran to get us two high chairs and they were all delightful.  Nothing was left on our plates, the little boys shared a plate of prawn cakes and ate the lot.  I think that was a meal we should have gotten them one each, but its so hard to tell.

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Rosemary said...

Now, now boys, no more Mr Grumpy. I guess it is the heat and such a change in the way of life. So nice to see Jamie is with you! Fancy eating out all the time AND getting the washing all done for you. (CD is happy as a pig in mud) Nice to hear that Ryan can eat something other than 'Chips' Another perfect day here, Brian and Howard have gone climbing up Mt William, they have done the Pinnacle. Liz & I have done the 'laundry'!!! We are sooo lazy.

Much love,