Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The next two days

These past two days have been pretty boring.. as in no structured activities.  Mostly in the pool, going for walks and eating!  Lots of eating.  Connie, Paul, Toby and Zahli arrived... which has been very good, and a lot noisier.

Ryan, Ben and Toby on the lilo being pushed by Mark.

Ryan being a little sacrilegious by jumping in front of a Buddha monument.

Ben - mid flight - he jumps into the pool about 100 times a session.

Ben... looking at a motorbike!

Ryan and Toby at the pool bar with their cocktails.

Zahli and Ben about to head out to the market.

Toby and Ryan making friends at the market.

This market was BUSY.

Stopped for a coffee on the way home (according to Jamie it was reasonable), the girl in the shop had these ears on, and so somehow Ryan ended up with them on.  The boys are enchanting the local people.

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Rosemary said...

It is no wonder the boys are enchanting the locals because they are personallity plus. You will have more fun now that you have the additional compqany. I have to admit I wondered where the Dunns were. We have arrived home and emptied the caravan, now I have to pur everything away. The big news is that the huge tree on our nature strip was taken right down over the last 2 days. It looks so strange.
So pleased your 3 boys love the water. How is sleeping and RLS?
Much love,