Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day 12

Another tragic day.. no photos.

Also our original anniversary - 13 years today!

Today was Songkran, the Thai New Year Water Festival.  Did I mention water?  Its a country (or at least Phuket) wide water fight.  Everyone - shop keepers, hotel staff, tourists, locals soak each other with water.  For Jamie it started last night - he and Paul went out to Patong and got soaked.  For the rest of us it started this morning we walked to get our washing and we got soaked by one of the restaurants with a huge drum of ice cold water.  We were armed with water pistols, Jamie took it very seriously and shot everyone who got him.  Then we spent a couple of hours int he pool shooting each other.  As a side bar, it was the coolest day here, so after been shot with mostly ice cold water, poor little Benny had turned blue so I bought him in for a warm shower and a dry off.  We then went back to get the washing (that shop ended up being closed for the Songkran), Ben wasn't a fan of getting wet and cried if he did, so at some water spots I had to get a double dose.

As the day progressed, it appeared that people on motorbikes, scooters and in tuktuks were fair game.  They were drenched.  Jamie, Paul and Mark headed out to the main street and got very involved.  I stayed home with the little boys tried to get them to rest (failed).

When they got home, the festival was mostly over, a few stragglers still had their water pistols, but it was quite safe to venture out and stay dry.  We went to the night market in Phuket (Phuket is the name of the island, and its also a town/city on the island).  IT was huge, prices were much the same.  Had dinner, super quick and delicious.  Poor Mark got stir fried vegetables and was surprised there was no chicken in it!  Had a lovely little fresh fish cake, potato dumpling, a sugar cane drink that was served in a plastic bag.  The boys had a chocolate ice cream cone each (10TBH) and it is apparent that Benno does not like waffle cone.  Prices were amazing.  So much variety.  I'm very sad that we didn't have a camera to take pics.

Then we shopped.  Mark got 10 t-shirts, 2 shorts.  Jamie got 10 t-shirts and three shorts.  I got 4 tops.. which proved quite challenging.  Phuket is an Asian environment and they have Asian sizing.  My bikini that I bought in the first week is a size XXXXL.  I asked in one stall, do you have tops that will cover a big tummy... his response "no" (hangs head in shame).  We also got a new bed spread, which I hope is lovely.  Other items we will need is a new suitcase for the new clothes, new thongs for Mark and hopefully new runners for all three boys.  I want some sunglasses.  Ummmm...... and some toys for the fellas, especially for the trip home.

Now as I'm covered in sweat, I'm off for a shower and off to bed.

Thanks for listening. xx

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Rosemary said...

2045 am, you should be going to bed. I hope the water pistols get left behind, I don't want to be a target.
Brian has gone to football, Mark your game is Saturday afternoon and Pop is looking forward to you going together. Jo & tots are here for the afternoon. I think you arrive on Thursday, hope you don;t freeze and Benny turn blue in Melbourne wearter.

Much love,