Friday, April 12, 2013

Day 10 - just over half way.

Today was the day I was looking forward to.  I was going on an elephant.  It was very relaxing. 

Mark got himself a Red Bull hat.. the boys had to try it on.

Not entirely sure when this one was taken, but its a goodie.
Mr Ben in the hat.
This is the elephant that Mark, Ben and I went on.  It went for half an hour and both of our elephants poo'd.  They walk very VERY slow.

Closer up.. wouldn't know we were on an elephant.

Next was go-karting.  Paul and Toby in their kart.

Ben trying on his helmet.

Ben and Daddy.

That is Mark and Ryan in together, they had to wait a little longer for their kart to come back, hence couldn't get a close up.

Paul and Toby zooming by

Jamie and Ben at the starting line.

One lap down... Ben and Jamie

That is Mark and Ryan.  Mark spun out twice, causing another guy to crash.

Today was very busy.  Up and breakfast as always.
Then caught a mini bus up the the elephant trekking and go-karting place.
They had heaps of other attractions, monkey show, snake show (some of the other guys went there, supposedly the handler put the snakes head in his mouth), cock fighting, shooting, ox cart rides, archery and other stuff that I didn't' see.

Our whole family went on two elephants. Jamie and Ryan went on one and Mark, Ben and I went on the other.  I guess we were 2.5 to 3 meters up.  Felt very safe.  Had a bench platform to sit on and a loose seatbelt to go around everyone.  The elephant was much hairier than I was expecting. 2 inch black hairs sticking out all over.  It does seem very sad, but still I'm glad I did it.  Half way along the drivers bought out their tray of "elephant teeth" supposedly they were baby elephant teeth that are like human ones and fall out, but they sure looked like sharks teeth to me.

Then we went down the go-karts, the boys all had a "race" and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  Jamie took about 150 photos of the go-karting.  He took heaps of the other people that are here for the wedding that Connie and Paul went to this evening.  Ben went about 3/4 of the way and then his helmet came off and he was slipping down, so Jamie stopped and then he got to go into a faster single seater which made him happy.  Marko really enjoyed taking the wheel, and being the man for his little brother.

Pool and relaxing (sort of) this afternoon.  We babysat Toby this evening as "the wedding" was on.  He was great.  Went out to diner (as you do), all three boys sat beautifully, shocked a lot of people as we had so many little boys!  When we got home, lay down and watched "The Lorax" it was so much better than I was anticipating.  Toby and Ryan watched it all, Ben is just not into movies/tv/screens as yet.  AND got them all to sleep before returning Toby to his parents.

Jamie seems to have taken ill, so I took myself out for a banana/nutella pancake!

The podium

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