Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Day 14

Pool fun

Ben in the pool with an armful of trains.

Today we said goodbye to the Dunn family.  They flew back to Melbourne this afternoon.  Our group looks a little less daunting now.  Back to only 5 of us.  Today was a pool day, glorious sunshine and quite hot, although only 35 degrees.

Ben in the pool.

I went for an oil massage this morning.  It was freaking painful.  Stripped off to my undies... then she attacked my back, the top half was ok, but my lower back there was shooting pains that went down my leg (hmmm sciatica?), then each arm, then leg and foot, then flipped me over (that surprised me).  Front of arms, front of legs (shins were especially painful, possibly because of my RLS)... then came my big surprise, she rubbed my tummy, then my chest!!!  Went all around my girls!  Then head, then shoulders and I nearly cried when she did the shoulders, man I have some aches and pains.  Going with "I'm not a fan of massages", Jamie and I are tarred with the same brush in that department.  But a trip to physio is in order when I get back, my back is killing me.

Ryan and Toby scamming free drinks and bananas at the bar from O.

Had lunch at our favourite fried rice place, then the kids played/fought.  At 5pm the Dunn's left :((

This kombi van turns into a cocktail bar at night.  Mark seems impressed.
Rancho relaxo Mark

We then caught a tuk tuk to Patong, Jamie was trying to source an Apple TV box for a friend, we knew there was an Apple type shop in Jung Celong, so we headed back there - they didn't have it.  There was also the Phuket Motorbike Show on and as our boys (all 4 of them) are motorbike obsessed we decided to go there.  Walked from Jung Celong to the beach, right on sunset, it was gorgeous. No motorbike show, then walked along the beach front, on the shop side for about a kilometer, no bike show.  Every second stall talked to Ryan as he was in a Superman t-shirt, all were saying "Hello Superman.... do you want to look/eat/high 5).  Then we turned around an walked that kilometer, followed by another kilometer and finally came to the VERY loud concert that was the motorbike show.  They had mainly choppers, quite cool but ridiculous.

Crowds at the Motorbike Show

Ryan and Ben with some choppers

Dinner at a little side restaurant.  Ryan and Ben made a friend (see below), then we walked down the main street of Patong, Bangla Street, heaps of nudie bars, normal bars and PEOPLE.  It was so busy and quite exciting.  When Jamie went there with Paul, he was approached to go to every nudie bar, but when walking with his family.. nothing.  Thank goodness.  Some very flashy girls/boys were walking down the street.  The boys got a light up Angry Bird each, much to Jamie's disgust, but a little treat for them. 
Ryan with his new friend.  They played chasey whilst we had dinner.
Tragedy struck, when Ben fell asleep in the stroller, he lost his last dummy.  Crap.... went into a pharmacy, they don't sell them, "you need to go to the big supermarket".  I've been here 2 weeks and haven't seen anything bigger than 7-11.  There is one in Jung Ceylong and yes its BIG.  Enormous. And quite impossible to find anything when you are in a rush.  I asked a stock  boy, oh you'll have to go to the second level (what/?? in a supermarket).  Found one and bought two!  Another Tuk Tuk ride back to the hotel, finally got a pimped out yellow one.  The boys were in heaven.  We had green lights in the back and they were holding their flashing Angry Birds, we were very cool.  Home just before 10pm.  Everyone now asleep (except for me and Jamie).

Patong Beach just before sunset.

Some dressed up people on Bangla Road

Boys in the Tuk Tuk with their new toys

A little too happy to be home.

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