Friday, April 05, 2013

The next day

Our room, its the one in the middle :)

Ok, might be a little disjointed, just had a nightmare (can't recall) and its 2.30am.
Mark on a deckchair at Karon Beach
Today was meant to be a shopping day, but it ended up being a check out prices day.  This frustrated Mark to the nth degree.  But lets start at the beginning.
Breakfast - my goodness this place puts on a good breakfast.  Whatever you can imagine.  Kiddie cereals, sausages, full English, proper Asian style - Marko is going Asian and having fried rice.  Nice juices, fruit including the tiniest bananas in history - will take  the camera to breakfast tomorrow to get a teeny banana photo.  We ate outside, quite close to the road.   Ben got very excited about the motorbikes, there are MILLIONS of motorbikes here, most with helmetless riders, and often with two or three people.  So he spent a few minutes saying "oooh motorbike, oooh van, ooooh motorbike, motorbike oooh van" you get the picture?

Then we went to the beach across the road.  Everyone enjoyed that, its super flat out far and has one breaking wave in close.  According to all the paperwork, its quite a dangerous beach, rips, strong currents... yes that was evident, but we stayed close in shore. Ryan stuck with Jamie and Ben was with me.  Ben was gorgeous (again) he got the giggles with every wave, especially if we had to jump.
Ryan just a little excited at Karon Beach
Didn't stay too long there, then we jumped straight into the hotel pool and the boys JUMPED in over and over and over again. 

Mark and Ryan in the Tuk Tuk
Ben's first ride in a Tuk Tuk (mine too)
Then around 11.45am we left to go to a shopping centre in Patong to get a stroller and have a look around.  I was expecting cheap strollers to be readily available, but this was not the case, really kicking myself that we didn't bring ours, but now we've got another one.

How did we travel?  TUK TUK, these things are adorable.  Its a mini Dihatsu ute (according to Mark) that has been pimped with a back cover and seats that run mostly lengthways, open back door and no seatbelts.  Ben was unconscious asleep and missed it.  Ryan loved it, he really likes the blue tuktuks and thankfully we got a red one.  The road from Karon to Patong is really hilly and the little car makes it with only a tiny struggle.  Fascinating road rules over here!
And yes you should be embarrassed boy, all this wonderful food and you won't even taste it.  Burger King chips for him
Shopping centre was non descript - like any Westfield.  Got the stroller and am now cheering.  Wandered the outside areas which were amazing.  Had some lunch - just food court stuff.  Ryan is being a real pain with food, we had to get him chips.  Then we walked some of the side streets, lots of stalls with tshirts, dresses etc.

Ben awake his time, this one was very cutely pimped.

Exhausted, hot Benny returning from our adventure, he's carrying his own water bottle

Street food for dinner

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Elizabeth Em said...

that food looks amazing whatever it is lol is Ryan being funny about food because it's all mixed in together? Isaac went through a stage like that... nothing mixed or covered in gravy