Saturday, April 06, 2013

Day 4

Today was very non-eventual.  Started off the morning at breakfast with Ryan throwing up!  That was pleasant for all the fellow holiday-makers around us.  The staff were amazing, they were over in a flash with napkins to clean him up.  I whipped off his t shirt and back to the room for the first shower of the day.

Ben and an enormous pineapple smoothie/crusher he wasn't the biggest fan, too tart for him.

Ryan and the teeny tiny banana - this is a big one.  Ryan had a mammoth sleep, woke up and ate six of these bananas.

The roof top garden.  This is a Buddhist altar with some elephants.

View of the pool from the roof top garden.

Next a swim in the pool, those little boys are marvellous.  They get on the edge of the pool scramble out, jump in and reach for one of us, Daddy is the preferred parent when it comes to swimming.  The one that gets me has a look of sadness on their face.  We make/encourage them to swim back to the edge.  This goes on for an hour or a tiny bit more.  The parents of similar aged toddlers are looking at us jealously... why can't their babies jump in like that.  I have never been asked Ben's age so frequently - he still doesn't look 2.. looks much younger.

Have sent my washing out... bliss... not having to wash!  So strange.

Jamie and Benno out to lunch.  I asked Jamie to smile and this is what Ben did.

Ryan and his mango smoothie from the pool side bar

A lovely pic of my eldest gorgeous boy, he wasn't very well today, but is still beautiful

Me and Jamie on the roof top garden.  Not sure why he had to sit.  Check out my new loose Thai pants.  So comfy.

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Rosemary said...

Thanks for the details, I look forward each morning now to catch up with your doings. Jamie Can smile but please not quite like Ben. The swimming is wonderful. Poor Ryan and everyone else with him throwing up. Patterned pants are in. I thought you were taking a stroller, you sure needed it on arrival for that midnight walk to the beach. Was it the change of food that upset Mark's tummy? How is his culture shock? Oh, Ryan, only chips with all the array of food available. Just as well he likes bananas.
We have another perfect day, this is such a lovely spot. Home on Wednesday and I will have to find what life is like in Melbourne again, don't knoow if I want to know! Much love to you each, Mum