Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Baking disasters and things that are just a little weird.

This is purely baking related.

My cakes are sinking. Quite depressing. I think my oven is the wrong temperature, but after talking to my mum the other day, maybe its too much butter.

I have made the best chocolate cake since I was a little girl, its super easy, no butter or eggs so don't need to be organised (ie soften butter) before starting. One day I left out the baking powder and wondered why it didn't rise.

Mark once made a cake and put 2/3 cup of bicarb soda rather than 2-3 tsp (I think that was what he did) it was completely inedible. UGGGHHH.

Mum made two batches of cupcakes recently that completely sunk, she put in 500g of butter rather than what the recipe said 250g. But to do it twice !!!

My horror stories are all sinking disasters. Need to go to baking school to find my flaw.

I can't decorate for peanuts. Friends of mine make wonderful pretty decorated cupcakes, when I ask what sort of cake it is... oh some packet mix! That doesn't count! Packet cakes taste awful and normal cakes are easy, there really is no excuse.

Now for the little bit weird.
I follow a blog, I won't tell you which one. But the writer is a baker, she has a shop that she bakes daily for. She did not do an apprenticeship for anything like that, but decided one day that she enjoyed baking, was able to have a shop and would combine the two. BUT what I find completely odd, is she doesn't do stuff from scratch, today she is talking about a pie that she's made. Buy some puff pastry and some pie filling and cook! I would never blog about a dessert that purely came from packets, at least stew your own fruit! Earlier in the year she was discussing pumpkin pie in much the same way, tinned pumpkin pie mix... I put a comment about how you would roast your own pumpkin and she replied saying umm never done it, but I guess what you are saying is correct. Must excuse her a little bit, she is only 24, so I have 14 years more life experience. But don't call yourself a "baker" if you don't do basics, say you are someone who enjoying cooking.

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