Saturday, March 19, 2011

Still out of sorts.

Feeling very "wrong" the last couple of days.

Very sensitive to everything.

Feeling lost, grumpy, argumentative, achy, tired and generally not myself.

The labour (now technically known as pre-labour) stopped around 11pm last night. Went from 4 - 11 and was bearable. Now just waiting for the next round.

Going to eat something today. I have avoided food like products, relying more on cereal that last couple of days, that might help. Tonight we are having "Honey Mustard Chicken" one of my families favourites. Might do it with pasta. Had a "spare" cake in the freezer and have turned it into dessert, have made it a SORRY cake. Even wrote sorry on the top, that's how guilty I'm feeling for the last few days.

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