Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Brain at 37.5 weeks pregnant


I was originally looking for a pregnant brain picture, but they weren't very good. Mushy peas was another concept I had.

I'm starting to get a little nervous now. I'm experiencing "tightening" across my abdomen almost daily. Quite tight! Also, under the "bump" is getting uncomfortable, especially when I've been sitting and then stand up.

A big problem is I'm not comfortable on a chair, prefer to sit on the floor, then getting up from the floor is challenging. Oh well, hopefully only two more weeks.

Mark and I were watching an old episode of Family Ties last night. The one from just before the above picture. It was the episode where Elise goes into labour with Andy (the baby). She spends a bit of time with each kid talking about how special it is to have a baby and how lucky they are blah blah blah. Her talk with Alex (the wonderful Michael J Fox, or as Mark calls him, Marty McFly) is lovely. He says that he'll stand by her and help. I then asked Mark what he'd do if I went into labour right now (Jamie was at a meeting) he so thoughtfully replied "I don't need to see anything like that, I'll call an ambulance" I suggested that we might wait for a while, he could rub my back.... he wasn't too keen on being involved at all.

Bubby is rolling around again right this second. He doesn't have too much room any more. I'm sure he's going to be lovely. I'm getting quite excited. Love the idea of having 3 boys. Still quite unsure of names. I'm pretty sure its going to be A*, but it could be B** or C***. Need to get Jamie to concentrate and have a conversation.

Sounds like middle boy is waking up. He was very lovely this morning. He's full of fun. Didn't want to walk this morning, but last night didn't want to crawl. His walking style sucks... but is oh so cute.

* Not telling yet
** Still not telling
*** Letters are not indicative of what the name starts with, just the first three letters of the alphabet ;)


Rosemary said...

I am happy to wait and see which name suits him.

Kathryn said...

I am getting excited for you, and I am busting to find out the name :)