Sunday, March 06, 2011

Cured myself

Finally my boys came home around 3:30ish....

So I picked myself out of my doldrums and went about fixing stuff.

I vacuumed all of the front half of the house, completely dusted my room.
Picked everything up off the floor from the front half of the house - no mean feat when 8 months pregnant.

There is a decent "pile" on the spare bed, where do I put three suitcases??? Will fix this with the fellas tomorrow.

The lounge room gets done regularly.

Cleaned the benches and table in the kitchen.

Did 4 loads of washing and hung them out.

Ate a healthy dinner.

All that needs doing now is the floor swept and mopped! This is going to be huge challenge. Everyone hates sweeping in this house. I really want a swivel sweeper to pick up the shit that the middle boy drops, and I'm sure the youngest will follow suit in about 10 months time!

Picture - just because I can. Mark is doing an assignment for music and he chose Bon Jovi "because my mum likes and knows a lot about them" He did the worst presentation with his writing and I shall be making him rewrite it tomorrow with some effort this time, but here is the picture "we" chose. Its from the fan photos on their official website.

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