Saturday, March 12, 2011

Much better today.

After the DRAMA of Wednesday, the rest of the week has been pretty good.

Ryan is teething, there is a molar coming through, so he's a bit miserable.

Mark has been weirdly delightful. He had yesterday off school due to a 'corked thigh' obtained from the athletics carnival. In the morning he mentioned that he could not do long division, he didn't get it. So we set about teaching him how to do it. When its broken down into 8 steps, its actually quite easy. Over time, the steps will "melt" into each other, but at the moment, we are suggesting that he do each step individually to show the teacher he understands the working out. There were lots of tears, but eventually he was smiling from ear to ear, quite proud of himself. Our suggestion in the future would be to ask the teacher after class that he hasn't understood and would like to understand - pixie points.

Yesterday, Jamie ran a cricket match for his work colleagues. It was great, a lovely spot in Stockton. I took the boys along, Ryan walks everywhere as long as someone holds his hand. He was FILTHY. But enjoyed himself. I believe Jamie's team won.

I had a pretty major Braxton Hicks contraction when I was at the petrol station. There is a long walk from the front door to the counter and it was pretty obvious that I was experiencing some "pregnancy related", I assured the girl behind the counter, that it wasn't labour, but it was a bit painful. I breathed my way through it and it was over. The shopkeeper looked terrified and said "please don't let anything happen, I'll faint", it turns out she herself is 8 weeks pregnant with her first and I think my episode was a bit confronting for her.

Slept well, I seem to have to pee every hour, so that is a hindrance.

Got the vacumming done this morning.

Dishes are done.

Washing is done - need to hang it out.

Jamie is flying his chopper.

Mark is youtubing.

Ryan is sleeping.

I'm going to organise the spare room (oops I mean my almost newborn son's room) but before he can move in, it has to be a spare room due to the fact that Grandmothers are coming! There are still 3 suitcases in there and I have no idea what to do with them.

This afternoon is PROJECT GARAGE TIDY so the remaining three doors of the kitchen can be painted. Might try and convince him to repaint the bathroom cabinets with the same paint - if there is enough. The doors themselves are ok, just need a lick of paint, to tide them over for a couple more years.

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