Saturday, March 19, 2011


Can I say I don't really have any.

Too nervous about the impending birth of my third son - just love saying that.

So world events of this year have been pretty bloody awful.

Floods in SE Queensland - towns destroyed by a wall of water, about 20 people killed and a huge clean up, which includes fixing so many roads.

Cyclone Yasi in FNQ - again towns destroyed by fierce winds and rain. Supposedly the buildings were quite "up" to the cyclone, not many destroyed, but heaps of vegetation gone. Strange that one of the hardest hit towns was Tully - where I used to live. When I lived there, I was at the caravan park and would have blown away. Bizarre.

Christchurch Earthquake - lovely beautiful Christchurch. The whole town is destroyed and is still rumbling. Scores killed - around 200. Again the clean-up is immense.

Japan's Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Disaster - ahhhh. The pictures have been amazing, a wall of water destroying EVERYTHING in its wake. This ones death toll is closer to 10-15,000 The fear of the nuclear fallout is tremendous all over the world, no one really believes the Japanese government and there are too many opinions from "nuclear experts" about what is going on. Quite scary.

So what is next?

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